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Use of English PRO contains hundreds of exam-style texts with thousands of assessments that replicate the B2, C1 and C2 exams experience.

The Cambridge examinations are known to be extremely challenging and the Use of English section is, by far, the most complicated part. Students who are brilliant at listening or speaking don't succeed in the Use of English part that easy, and they often feel they're unprepared for it.

That's why we've been relentlessly working on providing you with an app that not only includes the FCE (B2) level but also the CAE (C1) and the CPE (C2). Needless to say, Use of English PRO contains more exams than any other app or website out there.

Apart from the Use of English exams, the app contains four more sections in the form of swiping-cards related to phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations and vocabulary that are highly likely to show up during the Use of English examination. These cards are distributed by topics, all of which contain their own exercises. Enjoy swiping cards while you show off what you've learned!

There is only one in-app-purchase that unlocks all the contents of the app, whose price is, of course, cheaper than any other Use of English app out there! Try our free exams and go PRO only if you see real value!

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