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Multiple Choice - (C2) Certificate of Proficiency in English

For Questions 1-8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A lazy way of living

'La siesta' has (0) LONG been known as the Spanish lazy life. A short sleep in the middle of the day seems an (1) ............ concept, an impossible luxury. Lately though, the expression 'power nap' has become common in an international Anglo-Saxon word (2) ............ to describe, fundamentally, the same thing. Siestas, though, seem to be the territory of the relaxed Hispanics, long, sleepy afternoons and even longer evenings. Power-naps, as the name might (3) ............, are the terrain of Silicon Valley execs, eager students and go-getters. So what (4) ............ a siesta or power nap? It is generally agreed this must last between 10 and 25 minutes - any more and you might enter (5) ............ sleep, which is much more difficult to awake from quickly). When it comes to power-naps there is no need to sleep in a bed, or even in a horizontal position. One might have one in the busiest of situations - subway trains or an office - and they can take place at any time. Try it for yourself and you'll be amazed by just how much it (6) ............ you up! Siestas, on the other hand, usually take place after a (7) ............ lunch, in a bed or sofa, or the like, and preferably in a cool, dark environment. Everyone has their own favourite way of catching forty (8) ............ and the fact is that power-nap practitioners report feeling less tired and improved awareness as a result.

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